Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies


Preserve the spark of your creative culture. Enhance agency operations with streamlined workflows, and gain valuable insights into client-specific and project-oriented accounting.

Why NetSuite?

Boost Profitability

Enhance your billing and invoicing precision to liberate cash flow, while strategically targeting profitable clients through the use of extensive historical data.

Simplify Resource Management

Utilize NetSuite’s resource management to pinpoint available assets and specific skills, ensuring your projects are staffed effectively and profitably.

Strengthen Virtual Team Collaboration

Effortlessly identify and address staffing gaps, empowering your team to access essential resources and collaborative tools via electronic job jackets.

Enhance Executive Oversight

Obtain real-time insights, enabling data-driven decisions on performance metrics through role-specific dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs).


NetSuite Advertising Product Features

Sales Optimization and Accurate Forecasting

  • Proposal Management
  • Request for Proposals/Scope of Work Effective
  • Client Communication

Significant Business Impact Optimized

Customer Acquisition Cost

Secure more client wins with optimal resource utilization and maximized profit margins.

Predictive Forecasting

Leverage business development activity recorded in NetSuite for more precise predictions of successful outcomes.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Equipped with more accurate information, account managers can foster more meaningful and informed dialogues with clients.

Marketing Efficiency

By correlating successful client acquisitions to specific programs, gain a better understanding of where to invest for the most substantial Return on Investment (ROI).

Project Management Excellence

  • Efficient Workflow Processes
  • Strategic Portfolio Optimization
  • Real-Time Project Analytics

Significant Business Impact

Effective Demand Management

Instantly discern the status of projects relative to their allocated budgets.

Strategic Portfolio Optimization

Steer investments towards client projects that hold the most significance for your business’s growth and profitability.

In-depth Project Analytics

Gain insights into the highest-performing tasks or disciplinary groups, and identify areas generating the most substantial profit margins.

Optimal Resource Allocation

  • Efficient Traffic Management
  • Skill Utilization and Enhancement
  • Capacity Forecasting

Significant Business Impact

Streamlined Traffic Management

Efficiently manage resource workflows and assignments to maximize budget and schedule utilization, while coordinating effectively with freelancers.

Skill Leveraging

Automate the management of resource inventory and simplify the search for specific skills and experiences within your team.

Predictive Forecasting

Forecast project demands and resource margins accurately. Enable transparent planning for hiring, keeping in line with the skills required by your portfolio.

Media Planning and Procurement

  • Strategic Campaign Budgeting
  • Efficient Insertion Order Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Significant Business Impact

Collaborative Campaign Planning

Engage in collective campaign planning that incorporates a seamless approval workflow.

Insertion Order Efficiency

Streamline the management of insertion order transactions and invoicing processes.

In-depth Reporting

Deliver comprehensive reports on insertion order reconciliation, ensuring meticulous management of performance metrics and billing.

Campaign Execution and Timely Delivery

  • Strategic Campaign Budgeting
  • Efficient Insertion Order Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Significant Business Impact

Punctual Deliveries

Elevate the accuracy of planning and execution through collective and synchronized processes.

Complete Cost Assessment

Monitor all financial aspects of a project, spanning from budget formulation to the final billing stage.

Efficient Cycle Time

Minimize client cycles by ensuring efficient access to information and seamless communication channels.

Optimized Cash Flow Management

Enhance cash flow by issuing quicker, more precise invoices.

Billing and Revenue Management

  • Customizable Billing Rate Cards
  • Detailed Revenue Schedules

Significant Business Impact

Effective Billing and Collection

Facilitate billing processes with customizable rate cards tailored to the client, project, or service that seamlessly integrate with invoicing.

Transparent Delivery Costs

Gain deeper insights into operational costs and profit margins to drive business efficiency.

Reduced Cost of Customer Acquisition

Minimize inefficiencies in sales, execution, and billing cycles, effectively reducing the total cost of customer acquisition.

Financial Management and Analytics

  • Comprehensive Multi-Entity Reporting
  • Accurate Cost Accounting
  • Timely Revenue Recognition

Significant Business Impact

Real-Time Operational Visibility

Gain role-based insights that empower data-driven decision-making and enhance business strategies.

Enhanced Staff Productivity

Monitor resource utilization and billing forecasts to optimize workforce productivity.

Precise Revenue Recognition

Simplify back-office processes and ensure reporting accuracy for robust financial management.

Effective Cash Management

Access real-time insights into cash status and requirements, facilitating proactive financial planning.