Financial Services

Financial Services

Elevate your business performance to new heights with our cloud-optimized software, expertly crafted for dynamic growth and innovation.

Why NetSuite?

Embrace Transformation: Boost your business agility, swiftly respond to regulatory shifts and market dynamics, and readily meet the ever-evolving demands of your customers.

Optimize Compliance: Mitigate risk and monitor performance using auditable business processes combined with comprehensive enterprise analytics, ensuring your business stays compliant seamlessly.

Ignite Innovation: Modernize your legacy systems, thereby reducing time-to-market and fueling accelerated growth. Embrace the future with speed and confidence.

NetSuite Financial Services Product Features

Cloud-Based Real-Time Financial Management and Comprehensive Accounting

  • Achieve unparalleled visibility into your consolidated financials through our pre-configured, accounting-intelligent capabilities.
  • Process electronic payments from your customers securely and reliably, enhancing their trust and your business convenience.
  • Effectively track, manage, and report the book value and depreciation of your company’s tangible assets, facilitating seamless asset management.
  • Confidently close your books and report financials with speed and precision, ensuring your stakeholders are promptly informed.
  • Fortify security, uphold stringent compliance, and retain comprehensive audit trail visibility for robust financial management.
  • Adapt and monitor your business processes and workflows to your unique requirements, enhancing efficiency and flexibility.
  • Access immediate insight into your financial performance through pre-configured or custom-made reports, empowering informed decision-making.


Maximize Business Impact

Instant Information and Insight: Bolster business performance with real-time metrics and role-specific dashboards, enabling faster, data-driven decisions.

Confidence-Boosting Closures: Expedite your financial closures while adhering to relevant accounting standards, ensuring timely reporting and compliance.

Back Office Streamlining: Eradicate errors with automation and significantly reduce reliance on spreadsheets, ensuring a more accurate and efficient back office operation.

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Management Reimagined

Strategic Financial Planning

  • Craft and appraise unlimited “what-if” scenarios, bridging the gap between actuals and projections, while dynamically updating forecasts as business conditions change.
  • Deploy continuous 12-month forecasts and scrutinize discrepancies between actual outcomes versus projected results, enabling proactive adjustments.
  • Design and amalgamate driver-based plans using personalized data entry sheets, reusable formulas, and allocation methodologies, enhancing planning efficiency.
  • Promote data democratization with self-service and intuitive reporting across your organization, encouraging informed decision-making at every level.


Amplify Business Impact

Accelerate Planning Cycles: Efficiently gather inputs and assumptions, scrutinize iterative changes, and present consolidated results promptly, ensuring timely decision making.

Boost Forecast Precision: Regularly contrast and analyze actual versus projected results to continually refine and improve forecast accuracy.

Harmonize Your Organization: Centralize your budgeting, forecasting, and actual data in one unified platform, providing a single, trustworthy source of truth for all stakeholders.

Harness a Holistic Customer Perspective

Innovative Customer Relationship Management

  • Construct a unified customer view across all channels, enabling comprehensive visibility into online transactions, call-center interactions, and customer engagement touchpoints.
  • Cultivate rich customer profiles based on their behaviors and interactions, providing valuable insights to sales, marketing, and support teams.
  • Devise targeted segments for highly tailored upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions, optimizing customer engagement and revenue generation.
  • Unlock the true lifetime value of your customers, helping shape long-term customer relationship strategies.
  • Decrease service costs, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and ensure a consistent customer experience across all communication channels.


Empower Business Impact

Elevate Customer Relationships: Deliver a true 360-degree customer view, encompassing sales data, support cases, and financial transactions, strengthening relationship management.

Streamlined Account Management: Create a comprehensive perspective of all accounts and their associated contacts along with related activities, all accessible within a single view.

Supercharge Sales Productivity: Foster efficient collaboration and team selling strategies, streamlining the sales cycle and increasing the effectiveness of your sales team.

Ensure Confident and Precise Revenue Reporting

Advanced Revenue Management

  • Leverage automated revenue recognition featuring financial intelligence, empowering you to report results in compliance with established accounting standards.
  • Automatically generate and dispatch timely invoices at recurring intervals, enhancing revenue collection efficiency.
  • Schedule automatic renewals or set proactive reminders to capitalize on upsell and cross-sell opportunities, driving revenue growth.
  • Customize and offer your services based on desired pricing models and duration, tailoring your offerings to specific customer needs.


Maximize Business Impact

Instant Information and Insight: Enhance business performance with real-time access to crucial revenue-related data, including ending balances and recognized revenue.

Simplify Your Process: Gain mastery over recurring procedures by automating billing cycles and renewal periods, improving process efficiency.

Harmonize Your Organization: Bring together all stakeholders – from sales and service reps to finance managers and executives – onto a unified system, ensuring cohesive operations and decision-making.

Unlock the Potential of Your Prime Asset

Holistic Human Capital Management

  • Seize complete human capital management capabilities and streamline operations with an integrated suite encompassing recruitment, HR, talent management, time accounting, and payroll.
  • Boost employee and management satisfaction and retention with self-service functionality and managerial approval workflows. Empower employees to initiate and monitor various transactions independently.
  • Effortlessly administer complex commission plans to steer corporate objectives and motivate performance.
  • Enable your employees with comprehensive accessibility, visibility, and automation of workplace events, fostering a more empowered and efficient workforce.


Amplify Business Impact

Streamlined HRIS Core: Simplify employee resource management with easy record-keeping and streamlined onboarding, enhancing HR efficiency.

Minimize Payroll Complexities: Alleviate payroll administrative overhead and reduce the risk of errors with NetSuite’s comprehensive payroll management capabilities.

Attract and Retain High-Caliber Employees: Engage, inspire, and retain a modern workforce with a system that embraces mobile, social, and cloud-based technologies at its core.

Enhance Corporate Savings Through Efficient Spend Management

Comprehensive Spend Management

  • Expedite the approval process for procuring goods and services, streamlining the acquisition journey.
  • Optimize recurring procurement through negotiated terms, tiered pricing, and pre-specified delivery schedules, enhancing cost-effectiveness.
  • Ensure adherence to purchasing thresholds and guidelines, maintaining financial integrity and compliance.
  • Automate the complete procurement journey, from acquisition to payment, for goods and services, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
  • Accommodate a multitude of credit and debit card types along with other electronic forms of payment for comprehensive online payment processing needs.
  • Establish and enforce budget and spend controls, ensuring alignment with corporate policies and financial discipline.
  • Enhance the precision and timeliness of your timesheet and expense processes with user-friendly online self-service tools.
  • Gain real-time insights into spending trends across your organization, enabling proactive cost management.


Drive Business Impact

Spend Management: Automate the procure-to-pay process and provide extensive visibility into organizational spend, fostering better control over expenses.

Compliance Assurance: Configure specific requirements, authorizations, and approvals to ensure corporate and financial compliance.

User Engagement: Through a simple and intuitive user interface, make it easy for users to interact with the system, promoting efficiency and user satisfaction.

Harness Real-Time Business Insights

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

  • Ensure compliance and cater to diverse requirements with customized reporting that’s as timely as it is effortless.
  • Craft comprehensive reports and dashboards that synergize operational and financial data with key performance indicators.
  • Delve into analytical measures and results for each department, location, and funding source, highlighting areas of strength and potential improvement.
  • Grant immediate, real-time visibility to all key stakeholders, from high-level summaries down to the granular details of underlying transactions.
  • Enforce compliance and mitigate risk with robust security, clear segregation of duties, and fully auditable business processes.


Transform Business Impact

Unparalleled Insight: Achieve real-time transparency into company performance across all business functions — from summary to transaction level, illuminating your path to success.

Unified Data Source: Maintain a single version of the truth with all your data residing in a unified source, ensuring consistent, reliable insights for informed decision-making.

Master Global Business Management

NetSuite OneWorld Suite

  • Adapt seamlessly to currency, taxation, and legal compliance variances at the local level, while ensuring efficient regional and global business consolidation and rollup.
  • Our Global CRM offers insight into every facet of your multinational organization, accommodating multiple languages and currencies, including forecasts and marketing campaigns.
  • Manage inventory and fulfillment effectively across multiple locations, ensuring efficient supply chain operations.
  • Execute multi-store, multi-country, and multi-site eCommerce with country-specific web stores and websites, all managed from a single NetSuite account.


Boost Business Impact

Optimized Efficiency: Manage your comprehensive global operations on a single, unified platform, enhancing operational efficiency and oversight.

Speedy Financial Close: Leverage real-time management and financial automation capabilities to significantly reduce time-to-close, boosting financial agility.

Enhanced Visibility: Role-based dashboards provide instantaneous insight across the hierarchy of subsidiaries, ensuring informed decisions at every level.