Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Experience a comprehensive commerce platform designed specifically for health and beauty enterprises, just like yours.

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite is revolutionizing the way more than 36,000 global organizations conduct their businesses. With its robust product functionality and deep-seated industry expertise, NetSuite provides the essential tools and insights you require for enduring success.


Omnichannel at Your Fingertips: Seamlessly deliver across web, mobile, in-store, and call center channels with our unified platform.

Embrace Modernity: Set your brand apart and enrich your shopping experience with our cloud-based platform, tailor-made for the dynamic business landscape of today.

Customer-Centric Engagement: Structure your retail enterprise around your customers’ needs and preferences, not just channels, fostering a more engaging and personalized experience.

Product Features

Financials and Accounting Enhancement

Boost your team’s efficiency, expedite your financial closing process, and capitalize on our sophisticated reporting tools, providing you with instantaneous, in-depth insight into your financial performance.

Supply Chain Management Optimization

Enhance efficiencies and streamline your operations with our solution that delivers a comprehensive understanding of your underlying costs, while helping maintain an optimal inventory mix throughout your business.

Ecommerce Solutions

Effortlessly scale your operations and manage your global wholesale, retail, and multi-brand business from one unified commerce platform.

Inventory Management Enhancement

Eradicate inventory silos across various channels and realize the optimal product assortment. Avert stock-outs, liberate your cash flow, and fulfill your commitments by harnessing a unified inventory data platform spanning all channels.

CRM and Marketing Optimization

Monitor campaign performance, streamline sales incentive compensation, and gain an immediate, holistic view of customer interactions across every business channel with our integrated solution.

B2B and B2C Capabilities

No matter if your sales are direct-to-consumer, to retailers, or a combination of both, NetSuite’s versatile omnichannel software has got it handled. Simplify all your wholesale and retail operations with our all-encompassing unified platform.

Order Management Efficiency

Speed up your order-to-cash cycle, reduce inventory holding expenses, and empower omnichannel operations by seamlessly integrating sales, finance, and order fulfillment with pricing, sales order management, and returns handling.

Point of Sale Enhancement

Equip your sales associates with a comprehensive, 360-degree omnichannel view of inventory and customer data. This enables more effective customer engagement, drives increased sales, ensures efficient order fulfillment, and delivers an exceptional shopping experience.