Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Embrace the evolution in healthcare dynamics. Streamline operations to curtail complexity, achieve cost-efficiency, and enhance transparency throughout all locations.

Why NetSuite?

The health sciences industry is witnessing a tidal wave of changes, profoundly affecting healthcare and life sciences organizations. Amid a perpetually evolving regulatory landscape, mounting pressures for cost containment, and an intricate competitive scene, the industry grapples with dynamic challenges.

Organizations must wield the ability to swiftly adapt to shifting market conditions, evolving customer needs, and alterations in governmental and industry regulations to thrive in this fluid environment.

NetSuite’s cloud-based business management suite—trusted by over 36,000 customers worldwide—provides a potent solution for healthcare and life sciences organizations. It bolsters visibility, curbs complexity, and enhances agility, empowering organizations to effectively navigate and thrive amidst monumental changes.


Enhance Visibility and Transparency: Leverage our customizable, role-based dashboards to gain real-time insights into pivotal business data, fostering informed and timely decision-making across your entire organization.

Navigate the Evolving Healthcare Landscape: Tailor processes, workflows, and reporting to match your unique industry requirements, with the flexibility to make effortless future modifications as needs evolve.

Simplify Reporting and Compliance: NetSuite eases the compliance process, bolstering internal controls and delivering accurate, real-time reporting complemented by comprehensive audit trails.

Elevate Customer Service and Partner Engagement: Utilize NetSuite’s unified CRM solution to obtain a real-time, 360-degree perspective of your customers, thus enhancing customer and partner interaction and service levels.

Product Features

Financials and Accounting

NetSuite’s financial management software offers all-inclusive ERP/financial capabilities that seamlessly integrate with your wider back-office operations, sales, and service processes. This reliable financial management solution boosts your productivity by providing real-time tracking, reporting, and audit tools.

Customer Relationship Management

NetSuite equips healthcare organizations with a unified platform for customer interactions in both B2B and B2C contexts. This allows for exceptional service delivery, empowered by a comprehensive 360-degree view of each customer.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Pharmaceutical, biotech, and other life sciences entities reap the benefits of NetSuite’s advanced manufacturing resource planning, resulting in streamlined manufacturing production processes and enhanced supply chain management.

Integrated Budgeting and Forecasting

NetSuite offers a holistic solution with its collaborative budgeting, planning, and “what-if” modeling capabilities. These are completely integrated with core financials, fostering strategic decision-making, meticulous planning, and effective execution.

Unified Global Business Management

NetSuite OneWorld stands as the most widely implemented cloud ERP solution for multinational enterprises. It enables management of numerous subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities through a single cloud-based ERP system. This facilitates accelerated financial consolidation and improved visibility, while adeptly managing diverse currencies, tax regulations, and reporting mandates.