NetSuite Planning and Budgeting: Powering FP&A

Six Essential Skills for FP&A Teams in 2023 to Propel Business Performance

Businesses today sit atop treasure troves of data, the intelligent usage of which can fuel their growth trajectories. The baton to uncover innovative approaches to leverage this data rests with financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams, empowered by tools like NetSuite Planning and Budgeting.

As organizations navigate the complexities of modern-day commerce, they are awakening to the untapped potential of FP&A. Harnessing the entirety of a company’s data repository with solutions such as NetSuite Planning and Budgeting can facilitate smarter decision-making processes, eliminate redundant manual tasks, and refocus teams on initiatives that significantly uplift business value.

Battling the Data Avalanche: The FP&A Challenge

FP&A teams’ foremost challenge lies in the realm of data collection and aggregation. It’s a frequent spectacle to witness finance professionals immersed in the painstaking task of gathering and processing information. This scenario often unfolds due to limited direct access to critical source systems, leading teams to drown in an overwhelming deluge of Excel spreadsheets. As a consequence, the process becomes error-ridden, sluggish, and compartmentalized.

This condition breeds a climate of mistrust among senior executives and board members, who rely heavily on FP&A data for strategic direction. They often find themselves questioning the credibility of the analysis and its role in decision-making.

The FP&A Toolkit: Redefining Efficiency and Insight

FP&A tools are designed to streamline the data collection process, accelerate analysis, and deliver insightful financial and operational data to leaders. This consolidation of data enables leaders to make quick, data-backed business decisions with increased confidence.


Key Competencies of an FP&A Toolkit

To elevate the efficiency and output of your FP&A team, your financial planning and analysis tool should be proficient in the following areas:

1. Budgeting and Forecasting

The FP&A team’s core responsibilities encompass planning budgets and predicting future financial performances. Budgeting involves analyzing past financial records to allocate funds for forthcoming periods. Meanwhile, forecasting necessitates the creation of financial models that consider various business, industry, and economy-wide trends that may influence revenue and profit. A potent financial planning tool will centralize data from all relevant departments, eliminating the risk of data omission and ensuring decision-makers have constant access to updated, precise figures.

2. Scenario Planning and Modeling

The future is a pandora’s box of possibilities, requiring teams to prepare for an array of outcomes. Scenario planning, a type of financial modeling, allows FP&A teams to design best, expected, and worst-case scenarios. By adjusting sales, order volume, and expenses figures, teams can gauge the potential impact on the company’s financial health. Scenario planning provides insight into how current decisions could affect future outcomes, and also helps understand the potential effects of considered changes.

3. Revenue and Operational Expense (OpEx) Planning

Revenue planning, performed in concert with finance, sales, and service teams, enables the creation of driver-based revenue and sales forecasts for all business units. This function enables constant monitoring of performance against objectives, with insights into cash flows and balance sheet impacts. OpEx planning enables detailed budgeting for operational expenses, with tools aggregating data to identify potential issues, meet quotas and deadlines, and execute with conviction.

4. Workforce Planning

With payroll often being the largest expense for many organizations, workforce planning takes center stage. This process involves labor usage analysis to strategize for current and future personnel requirements. Workforce planning software simplifies the planning of compensation expenses, generating various reports and allowing leaders to test various business assumptions.

5. Cash Flow Planning

A tool providing data-derived cash usage insights empowers companies to control cash flows and enhance operations. Centralizing data from various systems enables FP&A teams to generate actionable insights and reports, fostering a collaborative, cross-functional planning process.

6. Management Reporting

Finance teams need robust tools to respond to crucial business queries confidently. An effective FP&A tool automates manual processes, generates various reports and statements, freeing up time for strategic analysis.


FP&A Transformation with NetSuite

FP&A teams, heavily reliant on spreadsheets for budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, often find their responsibilities expanding alongside their company’s growth. A planning and budgeting solution that aggregates real-time data from source systems can simplify FP&A professionals’ tasks and enhance their value.

By reducing time spent on data aggregation and email communication, FP&A teams can focus more on analysis and report creation. Highly effective FP&A teams often employ automated reporting and data visualization tools, which result in expedited planning cycles, advanced modeling, accurate forecasts, and superior predictive planning.

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting integrates with NetSuite ERP, ensuring real-time, accurate information is pulled from your core business management solution. This integration eliminates the need for spreadsheets and centralizes all data, enhancing accessibility and boosting collaboration.

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting’s market-leading predictive planning features, scenario planning and modeling capabilities, and management and board reporting tools accelerate budgeting and forecasting processes, presenting a scalable solution to drive lasting success.

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting: Powering FP&A
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NetSuite Planning and Budgeting: Powering FP&A
Explore how NetSuite boosts FP&A in 2023. Utilize real-time data for superior planning and smarter business decisions.
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