Experience the power of a unified, cloud-based solution designed to optimize your organization’s operations and propel your mission forward.

Why NetSuite?

The Social Impact program by NetSuite empowers nonprofits worldwide, regardless of size, with a comprehensive suite of cloud-based software solutions tailored to enhance operations and amplify their cause. The program’s tripartite foundation guarantees successful implementation, effective utilization, and impactful acceleration for all nonprofits on the NetSuite platform, accompanying them throughout their entire customer journey.


Dismantle Barriers. Alleviate the strain of managing multiple systems, enabling you to concentrate on your primary objectives.

Enhance Your Assets. Deepen relationships with your existing benefactors, attract new supporters, and deliver superior programs and services.

Empower Your Cause. With our innovative suite of products and services, every nonprofit can harness the potential of NetSuite to drive its mission forward.

NetSuite Nonprofit Product Features

Financial Management

Experience the power of an innovative nonprofit financial management system, meticulously crafted to cater to your organization’s distinctive requirements.

Real-Time Financial Stewardship for Nonprofits

Comprehensive Accounting

  • Harness the all-encompassing features of finance and accounting management, including GL, AR, AP, cash management, statistical accounting, allocation schedules, and real-time financial reporting. Consolidate and streamline all processes within one unified system.
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity through automated financial processes, facilitated by approval routing workflows for Journal Entries, Purchase Orders, and Vendor Bills.
  • Utilize the built-in period close checklist to simplify period-end closing processes and efficiently manage multiple Net Asset accounts.
  • Close confidently, leveraging automation for expense amortizations, and dynamic allocations for both direct and indirect costs.
  • Ensure stringent security measures, foster compliance, and maintain clear audit trail visibility.
  • Leverage a single, integrated system to track receivables and revenue transactions, simplifying Accounts Receivable aging, financial reporting, metrics, and reconciliation for accuracy.
  • Access over 250 FASB-compliant standard and customized reports, and role-based dashboards and KPIs, specifically designed for nonprofit staff and leadership.


Business Impact

Efficient Back-Office Operations

Automate transactions, reduce manual data entry, and minimize errors.

Close with Assurance

Accelerate the financial close process while maintaining strict compliance.

Instant Insights

Gain immediate access to comprehensive data reflecting the financial and operational performance of your organization.

Fund Accounting

Discover NetSuite’s revolutionary and GAAP-compliant fund accounting structure that empowers your nonprofit to efficiently manage diverse revenue streams, correlate income sources with expense transactions, and precisely navigate fund restrictions and grant stipulations.

Innovative Fund Management

NetSuite provides a comprehensive, auditable fund accounting framework, designed to help your nonprofit seamlessly manage varied revenue streams, link fund sources to corresponding expense transactions, and adeptly handle fund restrictions and grant requisites. NetSuite’s ready-to-use solution automates FASB compliance via a streamlined Chart of Accounts employing predefined GL custom segments, offering unprecedented visibility into cash flow, fund balances, restricted revenue, functional expenses, grant activities, and performance metrics.

  • Effectively track and manage various funds through relevant and associated segments.
  • Efficiently allocate resources based on restrictions, reporting expenses against programs or grants, thereby offering real-time, transparent insight into fund utilization.
  • Generate FASB reports—Statement of Functional Expenses, Statement of Activity, Cash Flow, Statement of Functional Expenses—swiftly and accurately.
  • Assign and report by Revenue Type, Subtype, Restriction, or any other segment with or without GL impact at the line level for data entry and FASB compliant reporting.
  • Monitor a complex network of relationships between multiple revenue sources, segment dimensions, and geographical regions.
  • Formulate unlimited GL segment code combinations for precise and straightforward data entry.


Business Impact

Innovative Resource Stewardship

Refine your organization’s Chart of Accounts using predefined GL custom segments. Exhibit responsible fund and restriction management, ensuring financial transparency for stakeholders, management, and auditors.

FASB and GAAP Compliance

Label revenue, time, and expenses utilizing GL custom segments. Generate automated FASB reports—Statement of Functional Expenses, Statement of Activity, Cash Flow, Statement of Functional Expenses.

Transparent Reporting

Achieve comprehensive visibility into restricted/unrestricted fund balances and grant contributions at both transactional and summary levels. Leverage over 250 standard and customized reports and dashboards for real-time insight into your organization’s financial and operational performance using NetSuite’s bespoke Reporting Engine.

Grant Accounting

Boost efficiency and insight throughout the grant lifecycle. Monitor terms and conditions, automate time and expense tracking, link numerous projects to various grants, and manage expenses across multiple years.

Streamlined Grant Lifecycle Management

NetSuite’s grant accounting enhances efficiency and provides clear visibility into the entire grant lifecycle. It enables your nonprofit to monitor terms and conditions, associate multiple projects with various grants, automate the tracking of time and expenses for billable and nonbillable transactions, and manage expenses across numerous years. Grants in NetSuite encompass all critical milestones, ensuring all essential information is housed within a single, consolidated system.

  • Projects are associated with grant records, automating time and expense tracking for both billable and nonbillable transactions throughout the grant’s lifespan.
  • A multitude of projects and funds can be linked to numerous grants.
    Interactive dashboards offer comprehensive reporting and drill-down capabilities into all grant-related transactions, including journal entries, vendor bills, and expense reports.
  • Track all expenses, vendors, subcontractors, and employees associated with an event, conference, or fundraiser.
    Effectively manage internal projects with time, expenses, and scheduled tasks.
  • A singular system oversees donor/grantor/funder/funding source data from receivables and revenue transactions, simplifying A/R aging, financial reporting, metrics, and reconciliation.
  • Simplify the setup of GL segment combination codes to automate data entry for transactions associated with a grant. Easily identify and tag restricted revenue transactions linked to donations/grants/awards.
  • Attain complete visibility of revenue to date and invoicing requirements per funder and grant/award stipulations.
  • Configure Billing Schedules within NetSuite to automatically bill grants. Alerts can be set up to notify accounting staff to invoice on specific dates.
  • Reports and Searches can incorporate date or period filters for invoicing requirements by funder or grant.


Business Impact

Automated Grant Lifecycle Management

Automate tracking of time and expenses for both billable and nonbillable transactions; oversee expenses across multiple years, and monitor terms and conditions.

Consolidated System

NetSuite’s grant management houses all pertinent terms, conditions, and milestones, consolidating crucial information in one place. A unified system manages all data from donors, grantors, funders, and funding sources tied to receivables and revenue transactions.

Unmatched Visibility

Achieve total visibility into grant contributions at both transactional and summary levels, as well as the current revenue and invoicing requirements set by funders and grant/award stipulations.

Automated FASB Reporting

Generate FASB reports swiftly and effortlessly. Achieve configurable compliance reporting tailored for executive leadership, board members, external auditors, and accounting teams with ease.

Simplified FASB Compliance

Say goodbye to guesswork, manual data exports, and adjustments performed by external consultants. With NetSuite, enjoy the convenience of “done-for-you” reporting, designed in compliance with FASB standards. This is made possible through custom GL Segments and a predefined UCOA-approved Chart of Accounts closely mapped to Form 990 line items, which can be customized to your needs.

Statement of Financial Position
Adapted Balance Sheet to satisfy FASB financial reporting requirements.
Statement of Functional Expenses
Details all expenses divided into “Program Services”, “Management and General”, and “Fundraising”, as mandated by FASB.
Statement of Cash Flow
Documents cash flow derived from unrestricted and temporarily restricted funding.
Statement of Activities
Provides a Revenue Report for Restricted Funds to support the Statement of Activity. Enumerates all revenue transactions by account and fund.
Supporting FASB Activity Report by Program/Fund
Offers a Revenue Report for Restricted Funds to reinforce the Statement of Activity. Records all revenue transactions by fund/program segment.
Grant Statement of Activity
Presents a combined Statement of Revenues and Expenditures that includes Net Asset classifications, filterable for a single grant or for comparative analysis of all grants.


Business Impact

FASB Compliance with Certainty

In-built standard FASB reports simplify transparent reporting for board members, auditors, and leadership.

Innovative Fund Management

Achieve comprehensive visibility into restricted/unrestricted fund balances and grant contributions at both transactional and summary levels.

Enhanced, Adaptive Financial Segmentation

Revamp your organization’s Chart of Accounts with predefined GL custom segments for comprehensive visibility into the origin and application of funds.

Unmatched Financial Clarity

Revolutionize your Chart of Accounts by utilizing predefined GL custom segments (dimensions) to eradicate extensive, error-prone account code strings, thereby achieving unparalleled transparency into the origin and utilization of funds. Financial segmentation reduces the intricacy and redundancy of a traditional chart of accounts while amplifying reporting functionality and analytical capabilities.

NetSuite provides a ready-to-use system with 12 segments for coding expense and revenue transactions. These custom segments facilitate fund restrictions based on time or donor intent, classification of revenue streams, tracking of functional expense categories, allocation of funds to specific programs, and more. This results in unrivaled fund management, customizable FASB compliant reporting, dashboards, and role-based KPIs available for staff, management, and leadership teams.

Can’t find a segment that aligns with your organization’s tracking requirements? You can also create segments tailored to perfectly meet your operational needs.

  • Trace diverse revenue streams, including grants, cash donations, pledges, gifts in-kind, services, and ticket sales.
  • Link revenue to corresponding expense transactions, offering real-time visibility into where funds are utilized.
  • Encode revenue and expense transactions at the transaction line level for improved visibility, control, and management of funds received from a variety of funding sources and revenue types.
  • Projects enable tracking of scheduled tasks, time, percentage of completion, and expenses related to grants and programs.
    Map a matrix of relationships between multiple revenue sources, various segment dimensions, and geographic regions.
  • Formulate unlimited GL segment code combinations for precise and effortless data entry, and gain unmatched visibility into fund balances and performance metrics.
  • Utilize the 12 predefined segments, or create your own to perfectly align with your unique business needs.
Financial Segmentation

Business Impact

Innovative Fund Management

Revamp your organization’s Chart of Accounts using predefined GL custom segments. Enhance data entry systems with NetSuite’s segmentation engine, enabling limitless segment combinations for flexible and precise tracking.

FASB Compliance Ensured

Mark revenue, time, and expenses using GL custom segments. Construct automated FASB reports — including Statements of Functional Expenses, Activities, and Cash Flow — for streamlined financial compliance.

Transparent and Comprehensive Reporting

Achieve total transparency into restricted/unrestricted fund balances and grant contributions at both transactional and summary levels. Leverage over 250 standard and customizable reports and dashboards for real-time insights into your financial and operational performance, powered by NetSuite’s advanced Reporting Engine.

Driving Insights with Role-based Dashboards, KPIs, and Analytics

Get a comprehensive, real-time perspective of your nonprofit’s performance with our suite of reporting tools, role-based metrics, analytics, and FASB compliance reporting.

Targeted Reporting for Meaningful Action

Nonprofit Dashboards, Key Performance Indicators, Analytics and Reporting

  • Promote swift identification of achievements, challenges, and discrepancies with pre-configured dashboards tailored for roles like CEO, Controller, CFO, Program, Development and Grants Managers.
  • Harmonize KPIs across the organization using Charity Navigator endorsed scorecards for Fundraising Efficiency, Program Efficiency, Administrative Ratio, Fundraising Ratio, Cash Flow to Total Debt, Contributions Ratio, and more.
  • Ensure FASB compliance effortlessly – generate reports such as Statements of Functional Expenses, Activities, and Cash Flows on the go.
  • Integrate fundraising and financial reporting within a single system, complete with built-in fundraising reports like Top Donor Reports, ’Last Year But Unfortunately Not This Year’, and ‘Some Year But Unfortunately Not This Year’.
  • Empower decisions with tangible data, thanks to over 250 pre-configured, yet customizable, nonprofit reports, searches, KPIs, and dashboards.


Business Impact

Enhanced Decision-Making Capability

Foster smarter, quicker decision-making powered by real-time data, personalized reporting, and intuitive dashboards.

Emphasize Crucial Metrics

Align the organization’s success criteria using Charity Navigator’s recommended scorecards, focusing on the metrics that truly matter.

Integrated Fundraising and Finance

Forge comprehensive reports that stimulate discussions on goal progression, fostering a collaborative environment using cross-departmental benchmarks.

Optimizing Program Efficiency Through Data

Foster a data-driven decision-making culture by leveraging Charity Navigator™ endorsed scorecards, focused on critical program metrics.

Achieving Excellence through Measured Performance

KPI Scorecard

Charity Navigator, the prominent watchdog agency, encourages meticulous monitoring of functional expenses to showcase an organization’s dedication to efficiently allocating funds to programs and services.

NetSuite’s integrated scorecard empowers you to synchronize success definitions across your organization. Implement Charity Navigator’s recommended governance metrics for Fundraising Efficiency, Program Efficiency, Administrative Ratio, Fundraising Ratio, Cash Flow to Total Debt, and Contributions Ratio to ensure excellence and efficiency.

Non Profit Dashboard

Business Impact

Emphasize Essential Metrics

Harmonize the understanding of success across your organization using the recommended scorecards from Charity Navigator.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Boost the quality and speed of your decision-making process with access to real-time data, personalized reports, and interactive dashboards.

Streamline Fundraising and Financial Operations

Foster open conversations about progress towards objectives by producing detailed cross-departmental reports that focus on key benchmarks and metrics.

Enhanced Spend Management

Foster total accountability and stewardship of funds, gaining full control and comprehensive visibility over all expenditures.

Achieve Comprehensive Visibility Over Expenditures

Robust Spend Management

  • Optimize your procurement process from initial acquisition through to final payment, with a fully automated system for goods and services.
  • Institute robust budgetary controls and spending limits to ensure full compliance with organizational policies.
  • Achieve real-time visibility into spending trends across your organization to identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • Efficiently track and manage all costs associated with grants and funds, ensuring transparency and control over your financial resources.
  • Link time and expenses back to one or multiple fund sources; effectively manage grants spanning multiple years.
  • Utilize multi-tier approval processes to facilitate seamless grant and fund/program management while ensuring all expenses align with organizational policies.
  • Leverage the procurement dashboard and timely email alerts to ensure purchases are completed and paid punctually.
  • Utilize allocation schedules to distribute direct and indirect expenses across grants and fund/programs.
  • Benefit from predefined expense or fixed asset accounts, as well as default billing schedule or amortization templates for smoother financial operations.
  • Monitor and track inventory effectively, avoiding shortages or excess.

Business Impact

Optimized Spending Control

Implement an automated procurement-to-payment process, enhancing visibility into your spending and facilitating more informed financial decisions.

Guaranteed Compliance

Efficiently manage requirements, authorizations, and approvals to ensure your organization always meets compliance standards.

Enhanced Constituent Relationship Management

Acuity in Constituent Engagement and Financial Operations

CRM and Fundraising Operations

  • Efficiently monitor and manage individuals, organizations, households, relationships, and diverse revenue streams.
    Consolidate all financial transactions within a unified suite of tools, eliminating silos and promoting seamless operations.
  • Establish seamless integration between NetSuite and external systems, facilitating the flow of constituent and transactional data.
  • Effectively nurture and maintain crucial relationships by gaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of all constituents.
  • Tailor workflows and processes to align with the unique needs of your organization, promoting efficiency and customization.
  • Track actions, send targeted emails, and segment constituents for personalized engagement.
  • Leverage collaborative insights by generating comprehensive fundraising and finance reports within a single, unified system.


Business Impact

Seamless Integration of Finance and Fundraising

Harness the power of data collaboration to bring together fundraising and finance, unlocking greater potential and impact.

Comprehensive Financial Insights for Mission Success

Gain a holistic perspective that encompasses fundraising, finance, and program activities, enabling informed decisions and driving mission success.

360-Degree Constituent View

Make well-informed decisions regarding programs, individuals, and other critical business drivers by accessing a comprehensive understanding of constituents and their interactions.

Global Cloud Empowerment

Expand Your Mission with Global Cloud Capabilities

NetSuite Cloud: OneWorld

  • Partner with a cloud computing leader: NetSuite, a trailblazer in cloud technology.
  • Run your nonprofit’s IT operations with ease through a web browser and an internet connection.
  • Gain confidence in the comprehensive management of applications, operating systems, servers, and network switches by NetSuite.
  • Ensure security with reliable uptime, application maintenance, disaster recovery, and seamless system upgrades.
  • Perfectly suited for distributed workforces, providing convenient accessibility from anywhere and at any time.
  • Efficiently manage your affiliate or global nonprofit across multiple locations.
  • Obtain visibility into every aspect of your multinational or affiliate organization, accommodating multiple languages and currencies.
  • Access valuable insights into forecasts and campaigns.
  • Adapt to local requirements for currency, taxation, and legal compliance, with seamless regional and global consolidation and rollup.


Business Impact

Empower a Global Cloud Workforce

Liberate your workforce with the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time, while seamlessly managing your entire global and affiliate nonprofit on a unified platform.

Shift Focus to Your Impact, Not IT

Expand your mission globally and allocate resources toward achieving social impact, rather than being burdened by the complexities of managing information technology.