Restaurants and Hospitality

Restaurants and Hospitality

Enhance transparency and streamline operations with a comprehensive, integrated software solution for restaurant and hospitality management.

Why Choose NetSuite?

In today’s dynamic restaurant industry, it’s crucial to have a flexible and scalable software foundation that seamlessly integrates data sources and efficiently manages your business. With evolving consumer preferences and increasing costs, the need for innovation in restaurant and hospitality management is more important than ever. NetSuite offers a cutting-edge, lightweight restaurant software solution designed for franchisors, restaurants, and hospitality groups, empowering them to boost revenue and reduce expenses. By leveraging a unified cloud platform that encompasses back-end financials and inventory, restaurants can take their operations to new heights by incorporating essential functionalities such as point-of-sale integration, commissary and franchise management, and much more.

Enhanced Visibility: Gain comprehensive insights and make data-driven decisions across multiple platforms by accessing centralized views of your restaurant business through role-based dashboards, reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether it’s the back-of-house (BOH) manager in the walk-in refrigerator or the CFO in the boardroom, each role can access the relevant data necessary for informed decision-making in restaurant management.

Streamlined Processes: Say goodbye to manual tasks and streamline your operations by consolidating or replacing multiple point solutions with a comprehensive suite of applications. By establishing a single system of record for financials, inventory, point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and human capital management (HCM), restaurants can eliminate redundant data entry points and significantly improve efficiency.

Scalable Growth: Empower your business with advanced analytics to enhance the customer experience, explore new ordering and delivery models, and expand into new geographic locations. NetSuite provides a foundational platform that enables accurate forecasting and supports your growth goals, giving you the tools to scale your business effectively.

Product Features

Financial Management and Accounting Solutions

Optimize your restaurant’s fiscal operations with NetSuite’s specialized financial segmentation. Our adaptable fiscal calendars and efficient multi-concept/location consolidation enhance workforce productivity, expedite financial closures, and provide powerful reporting tools. Gain crucial insights into your restaurant’s fiscal performance, and unlock opportunities for growth and improvement with NetSuite.

CRM, Guest Service, and Marketing

Harness the power of our advanced CRM platform to gain profound insights into your restaurant’s guest behavior via an intuitive service dashboard. Efficiently manage, resolve, and monitor guest inquiries and concerns through our comprehensive case management system, thereby enhancing guest satisfaction. Furthermore, design and execute compelling email marketing campaigns and analyze their performance for continuous optimization.

Procurement Solutions

Master your vendor relationships and procurement processes with the level of transparency and command necessary to reduce your cost of goods sold effectively. Utilize efficient stock control systems like par levels and reorder points to guarantee optimal product availability at all times, aligning your supply perfectly with demand.

Fixed Asset Management Solutions

Effortlessly oversee the entire lifecycle of your restaurant’s assets with our comprehensive management system, which allows easy reporting and tracking of both depreciating and non-depreciating assets. Keep track of equipment warranties, establish preventive maintenance schedules, and streamline your operations by eliminating manual tasks through an integrated accounting and asset management solution.

Restaurant Inventory Management

Monitor ingredient inventory seamlessly from procurement to preparation, employing a variety of recipe types, diverse units of measure, transfers, and intuitive dashboard KPIs. Effortlessly conduct shelf-to-sheet cycle counts based on storage area and shelf, and maintain count templates with the ease of our drag-and-drop functionality, ensuring accurate inventory control at all times.

Franchise Management Solutions

Streamline the process of vetting and onboarding new franchisees, launching new outlets, managing and invoicing projects with our comprehensive franchise management system. Facilitate seamless collection of franchise royalties and recurring fees while providing consolidated sales reporting, all within a single, unified platform. With our solutions, franchise management becomes efficient, accurate, and stress-free.