Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

NetSuite’s retail solution empowers you to center your business strategy on your customers, seamlessly integrating all channels for an optimized customer-centric experience.

Why Choose NetSuite?

In an era marked by technological advancements and dynamic shifts in purchasing behaviors, transportation and logistics companies are facing a complex labyrinth of challenges and opportunities. In the face of global markets that grow ever competitive and an increasingly digitized omnichannel supply chain, the need for data-driven insights to optimize costs and expedite delivery is more crucial than ever. Navigating this fluid global landscape calls for robust financial tools that foster agility and forward-thinking strategies.


Transform. Surpass your boundaries with game-changing financial solutions, fine-tuned by two decades of industry-specific expertise.

Innovate. Unleash the potent capabilities of the cloud – streamline your processes and unify your financial records with unparalleled ease.

Modernize. Outpace your competitors by harnessing the adaptability of a system crafted for the challenges and demands of the 21st century.

NetSuite Transportation and Logistics Product Features

Real-Time Financial Management Powered by the Cloud:

Comprehensive Finance and Accounting Solutions

  • Achieve unparalleled transparency into your financial landscape with our pre-configured, accounting-optimized capabilities.
  • Facilitate and execute electronic transactions from your clients in a secure, dependable environment.
  • Effectively track, manage, and report the book value and depreciation of your company’s fixed assets.
  • Conclude financial periods with assurance and promptly report financials with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Guarantee stringent security, facilitate regulatory compliance, and maintain full visibility of your audit trails.
  • Design and oversee business operations and workflows tailored to your unique needs.
  • Attain instant insight into financial performance with our ready-made or customizable reports.


Impacting Business Performance

Instant Information and Insights
Enhance business efficiency with real-time metrics and role-specific dashboards.

Close with Assurance
Expedite the financial close process while ensuring compliance with relevant accounting standards.

Simplify Back-Office Operations
Minimize errors with automated processes and decrease dependency on spreadsheets.

Budgeting, Forecasting, and Management

Strategic Financial Planning

  • Simulate and assess limitless “what if” scenarios, bridging the gap between actuals and projections while updating forecasts as necessary.
  • Implement dynamic 12-month forecasts and dissect the variances between actual outcomes versus projected results.
  • Construct and merge driver-based plans employing customized data entry sheets, reusable formulas, and resource allocation methods.
  • Promote organization-wide accessibility with intuitive, self-service reporting.


Influencing Business Performance

Minimize Planning Cycle Duration
Swiftly gather inputs and assumptions, review iterations, and present consolidated results for efficient decision-making.

Enhance Forecast Precision
Regularly juxtapose actual outcomes with projected results to continually refine and perfect your forecasts.

Foster Organizational Alignment
Centralize your budget, forecasts, and actual data in one unified platform, offering a single, trustworthy version of the truth.

Achieve a Holistic Understanding of Your Customers

Customer Relationship Management

  • Establish a unified customer perspective across all platforms, providing a complete overview of online and call-center transactions and interactions.
  • Construct comprehensive customer profiles informed by their behaviors and interactions, readily available to sales, marketing, and support teams.
  • Carve out targeted segments for highly tailored, personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions.
  • Unearth the authentic lifetime value of your customers.
  • Diminish service costs, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and deliver a consistent customer service experience across all channels.


Influencing Business Performance

Deepen Customer Relationships
Experience a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer, incorporating sales, support cases, and financial transactions.

Streamline Account Management
Develop an integrated view of all accounts and their associated contacts with related activities in a single snapshot.

Amplify Sales Productivity
Facilitate effective collaboration and team selling to expedite the sales cycle.

Ensure Reliable and Accurate Revenue Reporting

Revenue Management

  • Leverage automation for revenue recognition, equipped with financial intelligence to report results in compliance with accounting standards.
  • Automatically generate and deliver invoices at predetermined intervals, ensuring punctuality.
  • Effortlessly schedule renewals or set advanced reminders to seize upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Tailor your service offerings based on desired rate types and durations.


Influencing Business Performance

Instant Information and Insights
Enhance business performance with real-time access to ending balances and recognized revenue related to your earnings.

Simplify the Process
Gain command of recurring processes by automating billing cycles and renewal periods.

Unify the Organization
Integrate all stakeholders into a singular system, from sales and service representatives to finance managers and executives.

Effortlessly Oversee Your Outsourced Manufacturing Processes as if They Were Your Own

Embrace the concept of ‘Location Irrelevance’ where the location of production and the manufacturer become inconsequential. NetSuite enables you to manage the production and supply of your products as seamlessly as if they were being produced in-house, regardless of their geographical location or consumer. Get a comprehensive global view of all your inventory, irrespective of its location or the entity consuming it.


Key Advantages

  • Achieve a global, real-time view of your inventory status.
  • Manage vendor, contract manufacturing (CM), and third-party logistics (3PL) locations effectively.
  • Benefit from complete Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) capabilities for multi-location planning.
  • Facilitate easy collaboration with your supply chain partners.

Maximize Corporate Savings Through Enhanced Spend Management

Spend Management

  • Streamline the approval process for procuring goods and services swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Optimize recurring procurement needs with pre-negotiated terms, tiered pricing, and pre-defined delivery schedules.
  • Ensure adherence to purchasing thresholds and guidelines for compliance.
  • Automate the entire procurement process for goods and services, from acquisition to payment.
  • Accept an array of credit and debit cards, as well as other electronic payment methods for online transaction processing needs.
  • Set budgetary and spending controls to maintain compliance with corporate policies.
  • Heighten the precision and efficiency of your timesheet and expense processes with online self-service tools.
  • Acquire real-time insight into spending trends across your organization.


Impacting Business Performance

Rein in Spending
Automate the procure-to-pay process and elevate visibility into corporate expenditure.

Guarantee Compliance
Configure prerequisites, authorizations, and approvals for meticulous adherence.

Engage Users
With a simple and intuitive user interface, it’s easy for users to interact with the system.

Real-Time Business Intelligence

Reporting and Analytics

  • Guarantee compliance and meet unique requirements with customized reporting that’s both easy to generate and timely.
  • Craft reports and dashboards that amalgamate operational and financial data along with key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Evaluate statistical measures and results for each department, location, funder/donor, and beyond.
  • Achieve instant, real-time visibility for all key stakeholders, from high-level summaries to the granular details of underlying transactions.
  • Ensure compliance and minimize risk with robust security measures, clear segregation of duties, and fully auditable business processes.


Influencing Business Performance

Experience real-time transparency into company performance across all business functions – from summary levels to transaction-specific details.

Single Source of Truth
Maintain consistency and reliability with all your data housed in a single source, providing a unified version of truth.

Comprehensive Global Business Management

NetSuite OneWorld

Accommodate for currency, taxation, and legal compliance disparities at the local level, while facilitating regional and global business consolidation and rollup.

Our Global CRM delivers visibility into every facet of your multinational organization, despite multiple languages and currencies, including forecasts and campaigns.

Handle inventory and fulfillment across numerous locations with ease.

Operate multi-store/multi-country/multi-site e-commerce with country-specific web stores and websites, all managed from a singular NetSuite account.


Influencing Business Performance

Manage your entire international operations on a single, unified platform.

Swift Financial Close
Leverage real-time management and financial automation capabilities to significantly accelerate the closing process.

Role-specific dashboards offer immediate insight across the hierarchy of subsidiaries.